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Suveer Gulati – CEO / Co-Founder

Suveer  is CEO and Co-Founder of Healthadda. Mr. Gulati has over 10+ years of experience in Healthcare Industry. He has completed his MBA in International Business from one of the leading college in the country. He believes in “Work hard, Make Money and Live life to the Fullest”.  He loves food, travel and Long drive.

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Mahesh Singh – COO / Co-Founder

Mahesh is COO and Co-Founder of Healthadda. He drives Healthadda on day to day basis. Mahesh is passionate about Internet Industry, Ecommerce and Online services. He believes internet is the most important invention in mankind history. He has done his Bachelors of Commerce and has over 5+ years of experience in Administration.  He loves Long Ride, Internet and Food.

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Akshita Gandhi – Finance Head

Akshita has been Finance Head at Healthadda from October 2014. She has completed her MBA – Finance from one of the Top college of Mumbai.


Muhammad Azeem – Operations Head

Azeem has been part of Healthadda from day one. He looks into all operations activities. Azeem has completed his Masters of Business Administration.


Shanmuga Priyan – Technical Associate

Shanmuga is latest member to Healthadda Family. Shanmuga has completed his B.E (CSE). He works on website management.



Saumil Gandhi –  Leadership & Ambition grounded in a humble & judicious foundation is what makes Saumil, the Innovation-driven entrepreneur that he is. Enabled by a graduation in engineering from University of Washington, Seattle and B.Sc in Technology Commercialization from USA, Saumil provides all necessary advise and guidance to Healthadda.


Siddharth Shah – Siddharth, a graduate in Mechanical engineering and finance from Georgia Tech University in USA. Siddharth has good experience in Ecommerce field and is part of many ecommerce companies.  Siddharth looks into Business Development and Branding of Healthadda.